We envision a world where art is accessible to all and fosters
creativity, cultural appreciation, and personal growth.


Coos Art Museum serves as a cultural resource for Oregon’s South
Coast through exhibitions and educational programs that inspire
appreciation and exploration of visual art.


Bringing our vision to life and fulfilling our mission begins with a
commitment to certain core values that guide our work. The Coos
Art Museum is devoted to the following core values:

We believe the arts foster a vibrant tapestry of creativity,
imagination, and expression that enriches our lives, sparks
innovation, and fosters deep connections across cultures and

We offer arts education as a fundamental cornerstone of holistic
development, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and empathy,
while empowering individuals to explore their unique identities.

We strive to make the arts intellectually, physically, and
economically accessible to everyone.

We endeavor to create a culture of diversity, access, and inclusivity
that is represented in the museum’s collection, exhibitions, and
educational programs, and among members of the Board, staff, and

We are responsible stewards of the resources that have been
entrusted to our care.

CAM History

The Coos Art Museum traces its roots to the Coos Artist League, active since 1950. Early operations were conducted in storefront locations, followed by occupancy of the old Carnegie Library Building near downtown Coos Bay. During this “library period” the Museum began building its permanent collection, and established a reputation for high quality exhibits and educational programs. Throughout this period volunteers were responsible for nearly all Museum operations and functions.

In the late 1970’s the Coos Art Museum members pushed for and won approval of a community-wide bond issue to acquire and remodel the old post office building, a historical art deco structure built in 1936. After 5 years of hard work – including a door-to-door campaign to inform the community and raise monies – and much repairs and retrofitting, the Coos Art Museum moved into it’s current location in 1984.

The Museum houses the Maggie Karl Gallery, the Perkins Gallery, and the Rental/Sales Gallery on the main floor. On the 2nd floor, via either the Art Deco staircase or the ADA compliant elevator, you’ll find the Mable Hansen Gallery and the spacious Uno Richter Atrium; complete with exposed brick walls and high, arched ceiling.

Also on the 2nd floor, the Permanent Collection storage and work area helps to keep CAM’s more than 630 works of art in pristine condition. Museum management offices and the Art Education Classroom are also located on the 2nd floor. Oregon Coast Music Association, which produces the annual Oregon Coast Music Festival and other popular events also maintains its offices in the building, and the Bay Area Artists Association holds their monthly meetings in the Janet Beetham Classroom.