Annual art competition for high school students from throughout southern Oregon. Read the article in The World newspaper here.

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Award Title Artist School
Best of Show “Self Portrait” Shayla Lee Coquille
First in Show “Malaria” Oceana Fields Pacific
Second in Show “Guilty Iguana” Abby Pettinger Brookings-Harbor
12th grade – first “Phantoms” Ashley Sargent Coquille
12th – second “Aunt Cindy” Sonya Paramo Reedsport
12th – third “Skull Candy” Chris Carr Pacific
12th – fourth “Lighting the Shadow” Christian Watson South Umpqua
11th grade – first “Constrained” Tessa Zamora Marshfield
11th – second “Self Portrait” Robin Hill Bandon
11th – third “Onion Flower Triptych” Maya Uribe Hidden Valley
11th – fourth “Summer Breezes” Briana Gutierrez Brookings-Harbor
10th grade – first “Portrait” Karissa Fults North Bend
10th – second “Under a Red Umbrella” Louie Deraita Brookings-Harbor
10th – third “Silver Falls” Lisa Donato Marshfield
10th – fourth “Golden Days” Cassidy Jones Brookings-Harbor
9th grade – first “Rock Face” Heidi Breidenbach South Umpqua
9th – second “Autumn Still Life” Christina Commons Hidden Valley
9th – third “Ringo Starr” Angelina Decker Mapleton
9th – fourth “Ballet Feet” Laura LaGesse North Bend