blind bird blind

Friday, October 13, 2023 – Friday, February 9, 2024

blind bird blind

“The exhibition will extend the photo installations I have worked on over the last 30 years. The works’ central tenant remains a poetic embodiment of place that recognizes the intelligence of systems beyond the human.” Russell Dudley


“In my work repeating shapes represent organisms or segments of time, as I explore the positive and negative aspects of growth and change.” Jenny Gray

Pulling Secrets Out of Paper: The Art of Marbling

“Pulling Secrets out of Paper” is a collection of 31 paintings I created by first marbling paper or canvas and then allowing the pattern of the paper to suggest the subject matter.” Liz Walker

Eileen Bowie: Paintings

“Existential anxiety is a real thing. In these series of paintings, I examine the process of one’s existentially anxious substrates, categorized into distinct but melding milieus.” Eileen Bowie