Powerful Pastels: Colors of Fall with Susan Kuznitsky Online Class

Welcome to the world of Soft Pastels with Susan Kuznitsky’s online class. Enjoy the pure, vibrant color of soft pastel. Susan will help you explore techniques such as layered color mixing, creating an under painting, plus help to decide how to blend color to get the amazing glow. You’ll gain skills in composition, color and values during this class plus receiving one-on-one instruction and personal critics on your work in real time.


ONLINE ZOOM CLASS  (high speed internet is recommended for the class)

Demo Only:  10:00am to 12Noon  $45.00

Full Class: 10:00am to 3:30pm  $90.00

Recommended supply list below.

Not ready for the full class but interested in learning more about this amazing media?  Join the Demo portion of the class and see just what these pastels are all about as Susan shows in real time how she creates.

Discover your own unique, artistic style.  All levels are welcome.  All levels are welcome.

Susan Kuznitsky Pastel Supply List for Online Classes
Pastels – A minimum of (90 sticks) assortment of both hard and soft artist-grade pastels representing
a full color spectrum and value range is recommended. Small or medium size set of pastel pencils.
Half-stick assortments are available from many popular brands and are a great way to start. Some
recommendations are
Sennelier 80 1⁄2 stick set,
Jack Richeson 80-piece starter set, or
Terry Ludwig starter set called “60 Basic Values – Maggie Price”
There are many good quality brands on the market
Soft pastel brands include Sennelier, Terry Ludwig, Schminke, Unison, Girault.
Hard pastel brands include Rembrandt, NuPastels, Cretacolor.
Prepare full size sticks by removing paper and breaking into half sticks.
Pastel Pencils
Carb Othello, Conte’,Cretacolor, Derwent.
No Alpha Color Brand or Oil Pastels
Surfaces –
There are many good surfaces for pastels.
My paper of choice is UArt Sanded paper 400 or 320 grit
It comes in 9 x 12 or 12 x 18 packs of 10
Support (drawing board) – Gator-Board or foam core are both light weight and sturdy
Underpainting – We will explore a variety of underpainting techniques. I use watercolor and acrylics
for underpainting as well as Gamsol or Denatured Alcohol. Use what you have.
A small container or Gamsol, Denatured Alcohol (get this at a paint store), or Isopropyl Alcohol
A few old brushes – variety of sizes.
A few sticks of soft vine charcoal
2” Wide roll of masking tape
Paper towels
Small sketch book and pencil for notes and sketches
Resources: You can review my demos and shop through my Blick Featurted ArtistPage
If you decide to purchase through my page, please use the link within 24 hours of clicking on it.
If more than 24 hours passed, just click the link again.
Otherwise I won’t receive credit for your purchase.
I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.
Dakota Pastel Supplies – http://www.dakotapastels.com
Terry Ludwig Pastels – http://www.terryludwig.com
Amazon – shop around for deals.