Introduction to Collage 2 Day Workshop with Judy Caldwell

Jump into the world of Collage and set your imagination free!  Judy Caldwell’s collage workshop will show you how to begin creating your original piece. Whether you’re a seasoned artists or just starting out, there is something for everyone.

Collage gives artists the freedom to express themselves through textures, paints, colors, and various media.

This workshop gives you two sessions to work on your piece. Judy will be providing different tools and materials for you to play and test.  Each participant will receive a 16×20 inch canvas, but if you’d like to work larger, feel free to bring your own.  All the while, Judy will be there to help trouble shot artistic difficulties and overcome creative obstacles.

Supply List:

While this class will provide most supplies needed, we ask participants to bring acrylic paint colors of their choice.  Here is a link to recommended brand.  If you need additional help picking colors, fill free to contact Valerie Flynn at Coos Art Museum or The Art Connection.

BLICK links:  (recommended at least 2-3 different colors)