Getting Perspective: Foundations of ART

What is perspective in art?
“Perspective in art usually refers to the representation of three-dimensional objects or spaces in two dimensional artworks. Artists use perspective techniques to create a realistic impression of depth, ‘play with’ perspective to present dramatic or disorientating images.” –quote from Google.
  Does that sound confusing???   Well then this class is for you!  We put the fun back into art.
Why do Art Teachers make you draw this?  I will tell you why and show you how it help you understand Perspective.
But we won’t stop there…
Learn how artists in the past used perspective.
Don’t let this amazing Foundation of Art intimidate you… its all about having the right Perspective!
WHEN:  Saturday, MAY 14, 2022
TIME:  1:30- 4:30
Cost: $25.00
WHO:  13- Adult