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Date(s) - Saturday, 11/16/19 - Sunday, 11/17/19
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CLASS/WORKSHOP TITLE: Beautiful Mushrooms, Portraits in Watercolor

PRESENTATION DATE(S): Nov. 16-17, 2019

PRESENTATION TIMES:  10:00am – 4:00pm each day

LOCATION: Classroom at the Coos Art Museum


MEDIA: Watercolor








The Coos art museum is proud to host an Oregon local professional artist, Nora Sherwood! Nora is a Scientific Illustrator based out of Lincoln City who is visiting us for her workshop Beautiful Mushrooms, Portraits in Watercolor.

Nora became an Illustrator later on in life and graduated from Washington’s Natural Science Illustration certificate program early 2014. She was recently featured in Oregon Public Broadcasting’s ArtBeat, February 2019!

Nora has illustrated a variety of subjects and uses a number of mediums including; watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, graphite, and scratch-board. Students will enjoy the well of professional knowledge and personal artistic information Nora has to offer.

Bellow is a link to her online portfolio if you are interested in seeing more of Nora’s art work, her other workshops, or reading any of her writing on the subject of Scientific Illustration.



Mushrooms, with their luminous surfaces and lovely round forms, are the perfect subject matter for learning to realistically render natural objects! This workshop will address how to:

  • use measured drawing approaches to correctly render overall shape and anatomical details
  • use shading techniques and color theory to make mushrooms have form (e.g. look “round,” not flat)
  • use watercolor characteristics and techniques to bring out both the rough and the smooth qualities of mushrooms


While mushrooms are the subject matter of this workshop, the techniques shared can be applied to illustrating other natural objects.


Nora Sherwood, a certified science illustrator, will help workshop attendees learn new skills and techniques that will improve their drawing and watercolor painting abilities. Through both demonstrations and individual tutoring, she meets students where they are — beginner to advanced — and brings them new ideas about how they can continue to advance their art skills.


It is not required that students purchase supplies for this class. The museum will be supplying enough materials to participate. But it is recommended artist bring their own supplies and purchase any they believe will enhance their experience of the class and continued artistic practice.


  • Pencil set for graphite studies (whatever pencils you like to use for sketching – I typically have 3 pencils on hand when I’m sketching – F, 2B and 4B is a useful set).
  • Eraser, pencil sharpener, tortillon or stump if you like using them
  • Clear plastic ruler
  • A sketch pad for sketches and rough drafts
  • Watercolors – if you already have a set that you like, please bring it. If you don’t have watercolors or

These are some colors Nora uses a lot. These are just suggestions – please don’t feel obligated to buy these! (We won’t use a lot of paint in the class.)

-Phthalo blue

-Cadmium red

-Alizarin crimson

-Quinadrinone gold

-New gamboge

-Hansa yellow

-Sap green

-Phthalo blue

-Raw umber

-Burnt umber

-Raw sienna

-Burnt sienna

-Neutral tint

*(Note on watercolors – I’ve found it really benefits me to pay the extra for the good quality, professional paints, and I only use tube paints.)

  • Brushes – other than a 1 1/2 inch wash brush, I exclusively use round brushes, ranging in size from 4 to 00. Everybody has their favorite type of brush, and mine is the Da Vinci Cosmotop spin… I love them and a bonus is that they’re vegan! Bring what you have, and buy a few new ones if yours are old and crusty…
  • Palette
  • Water jars (I use two)
  • Paper towels




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