Magic Realism, Seascape Demo by Keith Sluder

ATTENTION: This Program has been Cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
August 17, 2010 10am – 12pm
Magic Realism, Seascape Demo by internationally acclaimed, master watercolorist, Keith Sluder.
LEARN to paint rock formations with a palette knife as they relate to surf action.
LEARN to paint the sea breaking upon the rocks using color & movement.
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KEITH SLUDER is a master watercolorist, muralist, workshop instructor, degreed designer, consultant, and former gallery owner. Critics call Keith the “new Andrew Wyeth” with his powerful and often poignant depictions of a vanishing rustic America. His 1500 collectors include celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

Throughout Keith Sluder’s 40 years of success as an international artist, with movie star collectors in Hollywood, owner of 2 galleries and partners in a third in Southern California, Keith was always asked how he produced his unique techniques. At times he taught workshops and gave private lessons, but it hasn’t been until he relocated from San Diego to Bend that he started teaching full-time. After many years involved with high-end galleries, it was in Oregon that Keith decided to take his art in a different direction

Giving workshops has deeply affected Keith. He’s come to realize what a gift he has. Keith now feels he has a purpose; that he can truly help other people. In turn, they help Keith by allowing him to do what he loves. Teaching has brought out the best in him; given him a direction. It wasn’t long before 2 prominent paint companies wanted Keith to represent them at his workshops (Jack Richeson and Jo Sonja); providing paints, mediums, and brushes for his students to use at his workshops They know that Keith’s skill as an artist and his ability to demonstrate how to use their products will bring them business in return. Everyone wins, The students can attend a workshop without the additional costs of a lengthy expensive supply list…they can try materials that they never heard of or tried before without making an investment in advance.

Keith paints using 7 different water-based media: Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache, Inks, Jack Richeson Shiva Casein, Egg Tempera, Jo Sonja Matte Acrylic.

Teaching comes so naturally to Keith. At this stage of his career, to be able to share his skill, knowledge, and experience with others is gratifying to him. He’s developed techniques over many years and has come up with step-by-step shortcuts for these techniques so beginners can hold their own with intermediate and advanced artists without feeling overwhelmed. By taking small steps, Keith’s devised methods so that any skill level will get good results. Keith prepares 40 – 50+ pages workbooks for his students (depending on length of workshop) with his Step-By-Steps on how to paint each technique, along with color pictures of his artwork describing each technique plus his “Inner Secrets” on each subject matter taught. Keith’s students say that they’ll use his workbook for many years to come. Rarely does an artist reveal so much. Keith loves to share and wants to bring out the best in his students.

Here are some comments from Keith’s students:

“Keith is an extraordinary person, painter, & teacher who gives 210%. I experienced his artistic genius and outstanding teaching at 2 workshops already. I will take many more classes from this amazing superstar artist and extraordinary special instructor”. – Richard

“I liked Keith’s relaxed style, gentle manner, and very, very thorough explanations. The workshop was so good that I would like to take another one. Actually wish I could have continuing lessons! I think you could teach me so much. Thanks! I can’t say enough about how much I learned from studying under you for just a short time!” – Pearl

“I liked learning how to work with colors and shapes. I felt that this was the most comprehensive art workshop that I have attended. Keith was very knowledgeable and patient with each student. Thank you so much for the great class. I learned so much.” – Linda

“With Keith, you get the best of the best; an amazing artist who is also a wonderful instructor”. – Lorelei

Experiencing success early is so important to encourage beginners. Keith feels the hardest technique to master in the field of art is the application of surface textures; specifically, the concept of converting a 2 dimensional shape into a 3 dimensional object. Keith can take a beginner and help create that breakthrough. He can take skilled artists and refine their styles. Keith’s popularity as a workshop instructor has now spread to 4 states: Oregon, Washington, California, and Arizona. For more information about Keith, visit his website at

Keith will be teaching his 3 day HARBOR LIGHTS Workshop on October 1 – 3 at Coos Art Museum. Brochures containing schedule for each day and supply list will be available at CAM in July. For information, please call 1-541-388-7858.